socklibpp::addr Member List

This is the complete list of members for socklibpp::addr, including all inherited members.

_M_sizesocklibpp::addr [protected]
addr(struct sockaddr *_d, int _s)socklibpp::addr [inline, protected]
af_inet enum valuesocklibpp::addr
af_inet6 enum valuesocklibpp::addr
af_max enum valuesocklibpp::addr
af_unix enum valuesocklibpp::addr
af_unspec enum valuesocklibpp::addr
data()socklibpp::addr [inline, protected]
data() constsocklibpp::addr [inline, protected]
family enum namesocklibpp::addr
reset()=0socklibpp::addr [protected, pure virtual]
size() constsocklibpp::addr [inline, protected]
size(int _size)socklibpp::addr [inline, protected]
sock (defined in socklibpp::addr)socklibpp::addr [friend]
~addr() (defined in socklibpp::addr)socklibpp::addr [inline, protected, virtual]

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